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Welcome to my BLOG! I am a Contemporary Photographer specializing in Maternity, Newborn, Children, Families, HS Seniors, Engagements, and Weddings. I am also available for print/editorial as my work has been published in a variety of magazines. Please leave me a comment under the image of your choice to let me know that you were here. I love hearing from all of you...

Thursday, July 31, 2008


The holiday schedule is officially open! Bookings for September and October have begun. They book extremely quick so if you want photos and cards in time for the holidays, contact me *now*. All sessions requiring holiday delivery must be completed prior to November 1st. Orders will be due on November 7th.
I'm booking my regular sessions. If you haven't had a session with me previously, here's a little run down on how it works. Full sessions are 1-2 hours long and we do the whole shebang! Family images, sibling images, individual images of the kiddos, fun stuff all the way around. We can do on-location or in your home, clothing changes are always welcome. We'll basically play and have fun and aim to capture a variety of images. Images of your family and kiddos being themselves, having fun, being together. We do have unique & custom holiday cards available & wonderful ideas for family-holiday images!


Dates available in Arkansas (Little Rock & Fayetteville):

August 29th-September 8th

October 17th- October 25th

Please contact me for dates available in Michigan!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another adorable HS Senior!!!

This session was a ton of fun, although i think we were all soaking wet by the time it was all said and done.. Becca, her mom, & I, that is.. IT WAS SO UNBELIEVABLY HOT OUTSIDE! We played downtown, found the coolest old telephone booth, ate strawberries at the farmers market, and ended up in a water fall by the end of the day! Becca was a trooper to say the least. And great to work with.

Here is a small sneak peek Becca. Many more to come!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Popsicles & Smiles

Here are a few pics for the ad that i am doing for a childrens magazine.. More will be posted soon!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hi all,

I will be traveling across the US for sessions starting tomorrow!!! I wont be checking my email for a day or two so if you need me, please call my cell.

I am looking forward to all of my sessions! Cant wait to meet everyone :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Home Sweet Home...

So while i was back in AR, i had the pleasure of spending time with my mom and grandmother at my moms perfectly quaint new home. We sat out on her back patio which is fabulous, and drank coffee, talked, laughed, caught up, etc.. It was a blast. Isnt it nice getting a break every now & then and just being able to relax with your family, reminiscing about the good old days from your past. It makes me feel as if im a little girl when im at home. I get completely taken care of.. Dinner cooked for me, laundry done, a clean house, coffee already made in the mornings.... Anyways, so i decided to pull out my camera while watching my mom and grandmother interact. You have to know my grandmother- she is so funny-i am alot like her in many ways- she says the most random things that just make you laugh and she is so naive to everything..
I have to tell a funny story real quick... When my mom started to move into her new home, she asked my grandmother to come down and help her pack up. My brother (age 17 and as witty as they come), my mom (who loves to get out a good laugh) had my grandmother in the garage packing up boxes. The 3 of them, being worn out from a hot and long day of moving got a bit thirsty. Well, they had already packed up all of the drinks from the inside fridge and taken them to the new house so all that was left were the drinks in the outside fridge (the alcohol fridge) in the garage. The 2 of them willingly let my grandmother open the fridge and pull out a drink while standing there grinning at each other knowing what was going to happen. She grabbed for the glass bottle filled with yellow lemonade (so she thought), popped the top and started drinking it. (ok first of all, i dont think my grandmother even knows what alcohol is, much less knows what the bottling looks like) She got about 3 drinks into it and noticed that my mom and brother were standing there trying not to burst out into a laugh, and said "ugh, has this got alcohol in it? She finally decided to read the labeling after they laughed and told her yes... It was a Mikes Hard Lemonade. She about died. Way to funny. You might have to know her for it to be funny to you, but for those of you that have met her- you know what im talking about..

Monday, July 7, 2008

All boy!!

Here is another cutie pie.. Jax made me laugh throughout the session. He was running around everywhere. You couldnt get this one to stay in one place for more than 2 seconds at a time. It was so funny.. He was MR. INDEPENDENT & ALL BOY! I hear that is exactly how i was when i was a little girl. I think i am going to be in for it when i have a little one. I hear that its pay back time when you have your own! I dont mind.. Im up for the challenge!

I think I may want one :)

HA! This was the cutest b-day party ever! Little Braelyn turned 1. Her parents threw her a pink princess pool party. It was fabulous. Everything was decorated in pink & white including the birthday girl. Pink balloons, pink tousled ribbons, a pink bday cake with white icing, a sparkling pink tutu, a pink & white polka dot bikini, a pink princess crown~ it was adorable.. She celebrated her big day with her whole family~ grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, great grandparents, cousins of cousins, best friends, etc.. I couldn't believe all of the people that were there celebrating the birthday of this little girl. She is so very lucky to have such a big, loving family. They were wonderful. I wanted to cry while watching her interact with everyone, as if she knew exactly who each person was. She laughed, played, & gave kisses all day long. Not one tear, did she let out. She was so happy. My (1st-lol) favorite part of the day, was when they sat her up on the table in her knew rocking chair to open her presents. She clapped and got so excited as soon as she understood what was going on. Her parents went through each and every gift & card with her. She literally held every card in her little hands and looked at them as her parents read aloud what they said. What 1 yr old has the patience for that? I couldnt believe it. And the expressions on her face as they were reading them to her~ priceless! My (2nd-lol) favorite part of the day was when Braelyn was playing with her mommy & daddy in the pool. I watched her being spun around in her little floaty by her mom and thrown up in the air for tickles and kisses by her dad.. It made my heart smile. I could have sat there and watched them all day long. I found myself getting sidetracked and forgetting to actually capture the moments with my camera because i was in such awe. They were the picture perfect little family of three. I am so so thankful that i had the opportunity to meet you all. It was the happiest day for me!

However i will say, I left the party feeling like i had been hit by a freight train..
It made me realize that i am so ready for that life. I cant wait to have a family of my own! Im thinking that may need to get married first :) I hope the man upstairs has that in store for me someday soon! We shall see...

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


So it seems that not many people are getting married on the beach this year! Everyone is having their wedding in their hometown, at a wine vineyard, in the mountains, etc.. If you know of anyone that is having a beach wedding whether it be in the US or internationally, please let us know. Again, we are giving away a FREE DESTINATION WEDDING PACKAGE! All you have to do is provide travel & lodging for my assistant & I, & your wedding will be photographed at no charge!

Please contact us via email or phone asap.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My favorite place on Earth is the bath tub!

Seriously, seriously, could not live without it. Feeling upset? Take a hot bath. Feeling achey? Take a hot bath. Bored? Take a hot bath. Happy & In love? Take a hot bath. Feeling Romantic? Take a hot bath. Want to relax from a long day? Take a hot bath. Want to play with bubbles? Take a hot bath. Want to listen to some good music? Turn it on & take a hot bath. Want to drink a glass of wine in peace & quiet? Pour your wine & go take a hot bath. A hot bath is by far the greatest thing on Earth!

The images below are of my fabulous cousin Lindsey and her family of 4. They just added a new addition in June! Isnt baby Kate adorable?? And her big sister, her pictures speak for themselves. She is one of the most gorgeous little 4 year olds that i have ever seen, and the great thing, is that she is just as beautiful on the inside. She is so polite and kind & has the biggest heart in the world. You have done a wonderful job mommy & daddy.. You should be very proud!

I spent the whole day with them when i was back in AR and had a blast. We literally took pictures ALL DAY long! The family images posted were taken late in the evening as the sun was going down at a little lake front in AR. I wish i could have taken more.. Lindsey, just get ready, because i have a ton of pictures for you to choose from!